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Hello there, this movie is aspect of an Instructable I established for earning your own Doggy Agility Leap, for a lot more specifics, please head to

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  1. Instead of the 4-way I used 2 T's (one horizontal and one vertical together with a nipple). This way you can put the jumps as close together as you want to create a multiple bar jump, using the 4-way you will always be limited by the length of the feet (in this case min will always be 18" apart).

  2. Sadly I can't find four way connectors anywhere in the UK – and the postage makes them prohibitively expensive to order them from the US … to people wondering how much pipe it takes – pencil and paper people – it's not brain surgery!

  3. Great video! Thanks for sharing! If someone is looking for the 4 way branch connectors, I just found that Lee Valley carries them.

  4. I was wondering how many 10 inch poles did you buy to make the 6 jumps?

  5. love this video thank you. out of all the different vids out there with different ways of building jumps yours is my favorite. I do have questions on the painting  though.  what measurement are you putting the tape for painting? preference? or is there an akc rule? also is any color ok or are there standards and rules or a color you suggest staying away from? Thank you

  6. Thank you for the video.  Just bought all the stuff I need, excited to get it put together.

  7. These jumps are actually designed based off of the AKC rules. Meaning, that the jumps are the right size even for your larger dog. The difference will be where you put the jump bar at. For my dog, who is 12 inches at the whithers, AKC says she needs to jump a bar at 12" off the ground. Your dog, depending on height, would need the bar higher.

    I stress though, that doing agility with out training can harm the dog especially if you set the height too high.

  8. For My Dog who weighs up to almost 90lbs would I make the jumps bigger ? I've been looking at ones on line but I would much rather make one

  9. You can tell he loves his dog! It is so sweet!

  10. sorry I may have missed it but how many in total of the 10 inch pipe did you buy to make the 6 jumps. Have this on my to do list and train my energetic weimarner agility.

  11. Awesomely instructional video. Thanks!


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