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Amanda from Medford Oregon would like to know how she should really go about having her canine who is instruction for seizure inform function (a canine who should really be in a position to dial 911 on a canine telephone, go get assistance all through a seizure, inform to oncoming episodes and deliver abortive drugs in an crisis) accredited as a accredited provider canine and how a great deal it will charge. Observe this Health-related Alert Puppy Monday video to get my reply on how a great deal she should really be paying out for certification. Hint, its fewer than you assume!


  1. Mary; I am SO DEVOTED to diabetic alert dogs helping diabetics like myself that I want to not restrict access to someone in need having a D.A.D. However as a community of like minded Therapy team advocates (human/dog) team… it is exceedingly important to not offer ANY supporting evidence THAT THE PUBLIC OBJECTS TO THE PRESENCE OF OUR DOGS. This implies CRISP, CDX level of obedience and maybe even above, CDX. Off leash control of sit-stay, and down-stay w/massive distraction…. type of obedience, please people ONE SERIOUS BITE INCIDENT could ruin decades of progress on this issue. And then strict people with clipboards and bad attitude will regulate us, unless we regulate ourselves. Some sort of qualification will inevitably become necessary due to an abuse of our freedoms. Most of the world has rather strict laws governing these helpful activities…. I love the U.S.A. as it is now…. more free. Keep in mind, in my home state of Arizona if your dog commits an assault, the handler is guilty of the assault…. lets just all be sure especially those of us who utilize larger breeds to reach a light switch, or for locomotion have NO BITE HISTORY forever.

  2. I'm it possible my certified service dog can alert me to my tegogeoflow symptoms like shortness of breath and Blue skin

  3. what dose a dog alerting there handler to high. blood pressure look like

  4. can my certified service dog alert me to my high blood pressure

  5. hi I'm Boston I have a service dog in training he's mobility and retrieveing assistance but I just got diagnosed with sleep apnea do you think teddy bear my service dog in training could alert me to my sleep apnea

  6. Love your videos. we trained at Home Depot and Lowes as they were very welcoming to a dog in training. In Kansas dogs must pass the public access test, given by a state tester,to access grocery stores and eating establishments. They require a copy of the prescription from your physician to test your dog. I took my pup to my diabetes specialist, after she completed obedience class, and was triggering on my low sugars. There is no particular obedience training required, but obedience is required to pass the test. Cost was about $75.00 includes an ID card with you identified as the handler. Also it is requested that you always have up to date shot records, and a copy of the prescription with you when you travel. i keep mine in my training/ treat bag.

  7. my daughter is 13 year old she has seizure i am tring  to get an seizure alert dog for her.  but paws with a cause denied her a dog because she is not severe enought to get one.
    where i lived they want prove that the dog is certified
    do u now where i can get a dog and to trained for seizure i live in leitchfeild ky my no is 5029213002 or email me at [email protected]
    thxks for your time
    sheila bruckschen
    ps i am on a limit income

  8. SD certification should definitely be change because if a dog doesn't have the proper obedience training then they are taking a big risk of things that can go wrong & most of all someone getting bit. If a board were to certified these dogs then there wouldn't be sd improperly trained in public.


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