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Diabetes inform canine smells blood sugar variations

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A Kent County relatives is elevating cash to assistance fork out for a teen’s diabetes service canine.


  1. That type of dog is a Labrador retriever

  2. I am Sixty-four years old and I discovered I`ve got diabetes 10 months ago. I can`t imagine that I`ve got diabetic issues and it frightens me that I will also experience the same hardships like my father did. Luckily, I have found this great guideline “amazing fivu com” (Google it). According to my initial test results, I`ve got 7.3 A1C and 183 for my glucose level. After a week of reading the program, I`ve managed to minimize my A1C to 5.9.

  3. MY former Border Collie taught my new B.C. puppy how to wake me up from a sound sleep and herd me to the bathroom. Since her death, Gypsy tells me if my sugar is too high or low by sniffing my hand and leading me to my monitor or to the kitchen refrigerator or pantry. I didn't teach her all this. Tessie did. That's why if you have an older dog who can do this, don't wait for him or her to die before getting a new puppy. The older dog bust might pass down his or her knowledge to the new kid on the block. My Tess did.

  4. Hi out there
    I have 3 dogs
    However tornado to my surprise. Detected my sesure before I did she just kept notching me and would not give up
    Then when I we n t to my neurologist sense he had CA m aras set up in my home was on a 48 portable eeg monitor. My vet sense he saw all m y dogs on camera informed me that tornado detected i was going into a sesure be for it came up on the monitor
    I was totally surprised. She then detected my heart attack in the same way
    I will surely pay m more attention to tornado from now on.
    A l I can say is good job tornado

  5. She got Rue from SDWR! Just like me!! SDWR family all the way!!!

  6. I wonder if I could get a service dog for severe anxiety, social anxiety

  7. Beautiful dog!

  8. Sup


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