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Crate Training Games – Power Tip #3: Bait + Restrain

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The crate in this video is the Nature’s Miracle Pet Suite

We love this one. Well made with versatile features, namely the door that opens both ways and can be totally removed in a snap. Our favorite plastic crate by far.


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About this video: In this video Ian Stone from Simpawtico Dog Training teaches you one of our favorite crate training games. It’s fun, dynamic, and helps your dog love the process of moving in and out. Perfect for both puppies and newly adopted dogs.

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  1. It's illegal to crate your dog in my country (except during travels and competitions)

  2. I have watched three of your videos and find them to be the best informational videos on YouTube. Equally important I like the way they are illustrated and your delivery of the information makes them interesting so I watch them to the end.

  3. Hi Ian, I have an 11 week old goldendoodle puppy names duncan and I would really love some advice. I got him at 6 weeks old (I know it’s very young now) and he had giardia. I am thankful he is healthy now but I do have a few questions for you. 1) I have been working on sit, down, take it, leave it, and chew toy training him for about two weeks now but he is not buying in. I have a 14 year old smaller dog and a cat that he mercilessly jumps on top of and bites and I can’t seem to control him. He bites our shoes and our feet and he never stops unless he is in his play pen (the only place he seems to calm down). My family is worried he will grow up to become big and still attack us and the animals.. I would greatly appreciate your advice, thank you!

  4. Do you have a video on choosing a crate size? There's a lot of debate on what size the crate should be. We have an english bull terrier in a medium sized crate, and she can go in and turn around, but sometimes she thrashes around in it, so I'm wondering if it's too small 🙁

  5. Great video as always. Have you done any training with Basset Hounds? If so do you have any advice for these stubborn breeds?

  6. Hello Ian , recently me and my boyfriend adopted a 1 year and 3 months old dog from the pound Im really into your video's they are great so far and been a big help! There's just one issue I would love to get some advice on and I hope you could be the person to help , Im sad to say that if this doesnt get fixed its a deal breaker and he will have to be returned to the pound :.( …When we adopted our dog Dino he was said to be great with dogs and could be around cats they tried to check his reaction to cats in the pound as they werent sure if he could go along with cats. Alass when we came home all he wants to do is chase my cats and I try my best to stop him from achieving this goal , now my 4 cats are all sitting upstairs in my bedroom while the dog stays downstairs ( luckily he cant use the stairs) now how could I best train him to get used to the cats without the cats giving him a swipe off their claws and the dog maybe reacting bad and for example start biting? So far what I did was leash the dog in the living room , and get the cats inside and feed him treats when he looks at the cats and then looks to me , trying to get him to lay down so he looks like less off a threat to the cats , what else could I do ? Sorry for the wall off text but I would truly love it if you could respond to my message with some advice .

  7. Would you please do a video about potty training a puppy? My fosters are already crate trained and mostly do a great job waiting to go outside and never go in their crate, but when they're playing around my house for any period of time, they whizz on the carpet. Help!?!

  8. Very useful, thank you! Made me realize what I haven't been doing right with crate training.
    Would you consider doing a video on recall training? My one-year old shiba inu will only come back to me if I have a toy with me and does not care for treats during recall training.

  9. Thank you Ian for your awesome videos! I’ve watched them all multiple times! I was wondering if you could make a video about puppies. I recently welcomed one and am a little bit concerned about her respecting my two cats… actually that’s a huge concern of mine. If you could also talk about how to handle the situation when she jumps on us and nip! That’d be great! Cheers from France Ian !

  10. Hey Ian, I'm curious for your input on putting unwanted (or semi-wanted) behaviors on cue. I know Dunbar has always advocated for putting things like Hug for jumping up and greeting on cue and Off for getting down. But I can't find a lot about maintenance if you choose to do that. The thing I'm getting at is, if one chooses to go this route, how do you prevent the dog from adding the Hug behavior to their list of behaviors they might just offer. Because you want to get it to the point where the dog ONLY hugs when asked and offers the opposite behavior instead. Maybe I made this a little long winded, but I think it's something that can be done, but I don't know how to hone it. Is it just really, really big rewards for Off compared to Hug? I just don't see a lot of people talk about keeping this up and either making Hug go extinct or only on cue. Thanks for reading, I'm a big fan of the channel!

  11. Yay another video! 👍🏼

  12. I have a dog (he’s around 4) who did not take to the crate well at all. With time, though, he learned to go in and be quiet. Now, (over a year later) he’s behaving badly again. He goes into the crate totally fine, but once i’m not in the room he shakes it, whines, tries to claw his way out. I’m not sure why because nothing has really changed in our routine. Any advice?

  13. Great tips! Is there any chance you could do a video on lead biting. Archie is 10 months old now and we're having some trouble with it. He' sometimes gets frustrated on walks and will jump up and bite on the lead, this can carry on for a really long time (up to 15 minutes). What are the best ways to redirect etc?

  14. Great Video!!

  15. Perfect timing! We just got a Midwest SL54DD THANKS!

  16. Great video 🙂 Could you do video about reactive dogs?


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