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The Company Pet Academy is a support pet dog and pet pet dog schooling studio in Seattle, Washington. The Company Pet Academy delivers reduced value schooling applications in basic obedience for puppies and grownup pet dogs, as very well as health-related notify schooling for diabetic issues, migraine, seizure, and narcolepsy notify! We use constructive reinforcement schooling techniques, and techniques only approved by the AHA. Stop by us on-line at

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  1. Good to know I am doing the right thing. I am training my own service dog, bordercollie, and he is doing great. he is already house train and knows his obedience on and off leash but of course he still needs to work on it every day. I am now teaching him to step up and down off the curb and walking slow step. When he gets older I will teach him how to brace as he is only going on 4 months. I have been traing him since he was 7 weeks.


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