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Canine Teaching- Why did my doggy bite?

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In this swift sit down with Thomas, he discusses a couple of matters on doggy bites. A ton of times a doggy that bites a further doggy or a human is out of panic and or a straightforward correction we sometimes error for quick doggy aggression. Not at all the to start with response a doggy has at first is typically applying their mouth, a lot we use our arms and legs if startled.

It truly is crucial to have an understanding of the diverse varieties of “bites” or “attacks” our puppies do to know if its actually one thing we should be apprehensive about. Again as said in this video clip, if your doggy goes following anything at all with cruel intentions we recommend you seek experienced assist instantly. Nevertheless for every person else wondering why your doggy nipped or pinned your other doggy, this us organic dod behavior.


  1. I'm considering making a a trip as no scheduling an appointment with your team. My dogs only behavior is agressive resource guarding. Its caused major stress in my relationships, and with the years I've worked on it with my dog, it hasn't gone away. A video would be very helpful!

  2. Hi Tom. My dog (1.5yo GSP cross) loves other dogs and especially enjoys wrestling. With some dogs she will grab on to the their neck, pin them down and not let go unless the other dog wrestles back and matches her level of energy and play. There is also some growling. Some dogs go along with the play or correct her and eventually she stops and they have a good time. Others I'm sure you know hate it or get scared. This makes it very hard to socialise her. I've spoken to trainers who said she needs to learn self control (which we are working on) and should do group obedience classes which we will be starting soon. She doesn't show any signs of aggression and has never intentionally hurt another dog or human. I just feel like no one ever has a clear, proper answer for me in regards to this issue. Hope you can help. Thank you 🙂

  3. I get so fed up with dog owners saying "my dog is ok ,its just nervous". I mean they can be really unpredictable through fear. Great topic Tom. I agree most bites are avoidable. Here in the UK dog bites have gone up by 76% over the last 10 years. That is a high percentage but no one is saying why has this happened. My thought is no discipline . Great job. Thank you 🙂

  4. Dog bit me entering the owners house, I had been at before. The dog's owner was letting me in through the door, but it still bit me, drew blood and I have scars.

  5. I have a big problem with my Staffordshire bull terrier. He is over protective when he is with 1 person on a walk. To the point that he tries to bite and snarles at every1 that trays to come over to me. But he is fine when there is more than 1 human with him on the walk?

  6. What about dogs that chase and nip? I feel like my dog has some herding instincts and he will chase runners or kids and try to nip them from behind. I obviously dont approve of the behavior, but I also don’t percieve it to be aggressive. What do you think? Tips?

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