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Can Bully Breed Dogs do Agility Training?

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Founder of Canine Mind and Body, Erin Gossman, speaks about her passion for American Bully Breed, and how they should participate in agility training, just like many other breeds do.

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  1. How much for boot camp??

  2. Good information! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I did this kind of training with my young Bully. She loves interacting with me and do stuff with me. I'm glad you incourage others here to go out and work with their Bullies. I can tell you guys, It will make you both very happy!
    So get your butts off the couch !!
    They just love it!!
    I'll be starting agility this august when she will turn 1 y, and meanwhile i'm teaching her a lot of tricks like 'closing the door'.

  4. I wished I was there! mom u did great! I would've been nervous if I had to talk in front of a camera

  5. nice dogs plz check out my pitbulls on my channel and be sure to subscribe for daily videos thanks fam

  6. muy bonitos perros


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