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Upon decide up, your Pet Stylist will give you a extensive evaluation of how your pet’s go to went and will evaluate the providers that were being completed. See you at the PetSmart Grooming Salon!


  1. Herbert and English Cocker Spaniel are sooo cute! Kisses and belly rubs to them both!

  2. Hello, PetSmart I want to say that I got a green cheek counre from you guys and the next day dead with my other green cheek counre they where not together around 2:25 am I can no longer trust petsmart I am pretty sure it was not the not new bird I think it is the new bird from petsmart this had me and my sister in puddles (LOTS OF TEARS) only we had him for 13 hours! wow wait to go (Ugh I want my bird to be alive) It even MY MOM IN TEARS!!!
    we got the other bird from pet supplies store he was healthy and the onw from petsmart fail many times when they tried to catch him

  3. PetSmart knowingly sells sick fish without a warning to customers! Bought two beautiful Dalmatian Mollies, got them home and discovered they had ICK, went back to PetSmart and the girl working in the fish department admitted she had been treating an ICK outbreak for two days and I had purchased mine one day ago! I was so disappointed but luckily I put them in a quarantine tank and not in my general population tanks!

    PetSmart should be ashamed of their shameful actions. I think they do it to sell more expensive meds and other accessories that helps cure the diseased fish they knowingly sell! When in PetSmart just walk by their fish medicine isle and look how they are always empty shelves where ICK and other medications have been purchased so much! Pretty good when you can sell a sick fish for a $1.50 and then people have to rush back the next day and buy $30 or $40 in expensive meds to cure the diseased fish they just bought, think about it! ! Oh, and I am treating the fish and they look happy and attentive, I hope they survive!

  4. After seeing one of the groomers drop a dog on their head and I'm not comfortable not knowing whats in the back room. Sounds stressful with all of the dogs barking . If I take my dog there its only for nail trim and grind and I watch . I always make sure they disinfect the table first. Also the neck collar they have to keep the dog still. Not a fan of because what happens if the dog decides to jump off the table. It would probably hang and kill them. Sorry but standards in PS are not good enough for me to take my dog there. I do go to PetValue and fo $10 I can bathe my own dog.

  5. If you make it to the end of this comment, good on you! It's going to be a bit of a long one.

    I am a Petsmart bather. A bather is someone who just does baths, nail trims, and the occasional sanitary trim or paw pad trim. We don't do any of the full haircuts. Those are done by people who go through a month long training class and then have to groom 200 dogs under supervision to be considered trained. I am making this comment anonymously, and I speak only for myself, not for any of the other employees or for the chain. But I think most employees will agree with me.

    I see a lot of negative comments about Petsmart grooming all the time. I'm making this very long winded comment in the hopes of shedding (pun intended) some light on the grooming experience from both the perspective of the dog and the perspective of the person. The video is accurate; this is how dogs are treated in the salon, but it doesn't quite give you the whole picture if a dog doesn't sit perfectly for the entire experience.

    I don't go around the back of the salon smiling like a doofus the entire time. I also don't ever go to work with my hair down. Trust me, nobody's hair looks that good after working in a dog salon for more than 5 minutes. Very few dogs are thrilled to see me when they walk through the door. I can tell you though, that every single dog that comes into my care becomes my absolute top priority. Sure, they teach us the signs of stress: panting, drooling, reluctance to come to the back of the salon, trembling, tail between the legs, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out when a dog isn't happy or is super stressed out.

    What I wish that everyone would understand is that the incidents that you see in the news are the exception, not the rule. On an average weekend, I complete between 7-12 individual baths. Each bath comes with the bath itself, anal gland cleaning, drying, nail trimming, and ear cleaning. Doesn't sound like a lot, right? It's not. As long as the dog cooperates and doesn't have super long fur. Some dogs detest that velocity dryer. You can't hear it in the video with the pretty music playing, but it's a bit on the loud side, which freaks some dogs out. If they don't like the velocity dryer, the next tool in the tool bag is the kennel dryer, which is not shown in this video. The kennel dryer is a NON heated low velocity dryer that attaches to the outside of the kennel that the dogs sits in. I love the kennel dryer. It's one of my favorite things. It's much less stressful for dogs that are afraid because it has a much lower volume and basically just circulates the air to help them air dry. Most dogs don't even notice it's on them. There is a bit of a snag sometimes though, because we can't use the kennel dryer on certain breeds. Most small dogs (there is a list of breed), young puppies, large dogs over 8 years old, and small and medium dogs over 10 years old can't be kennel dried. This of course means that they have to be dried in another way. If they are too afraid of the velocity dryer, we use the fluff dryer. Everyone hates the fluff dryer. You know those hand driers in bathrooms? The ones you use for a few seconds and then wipe your hands on your pants? It's like those. But you have to dry an entire dog with one of them.

    I'm getting a bit long winded I know. I just want to explain because when I send a dog home early, it is either because they are too stressed out to continue and I am concerned that if I keep pushing it they will hurt themselves, or I feel threatened by the dog. Yup. Sometimes I do think about myself if I have an 85 pound German Shepherd who's trying to bite me. I never send a dog home because I was lazy. Sometimes I do run a bit over my estimated 2-3 hours because I am taking it slowly with a dog who is nervous. It's annoying from the perspective of the owner. How long could it possibly take to just give a dog a bath? I understand that, but please try to understand that the reason that sometimes it takes longer is because I am trying to work gently with your dog so that the next time he comes in, he isn't terrified.

    Grooming is stressful for the dog. Some dogs really hate it. Some dogs try so hard to get off of the grooming table that they would injure themselves if I didn't stop. That is when I send a dog home with instructions to go to the vet to have them taken care of. Not because I am lazy or didn't care enough, but because I care enough about the animal I am responsible for to know when to stop. The vet can use a sedative to help calm down a terrified dog to make the process easier for everyone involved. I would think that that would be preferable to using excessive force, which I would never condone.

    I'm not perfect. But I do the job to the best of my ability. I have some dogs who have been coming to me for a long time. I know the name of each and every dog I am working on. If they come to me more than once, I can tell you about their personality. Piper doesn't like the dryer near her neck, but if you scratch by her tail, she gets so distracted that she'll let you do it. Bella will let you trim her nails if you sing the ABC's. Every dog matters to me. I don't like them all. There are some dogs that I rather dread when they come in, sometimes because of the dogs but also sometimes because of the owners. Some people are extremely rude, but I take just as good care of their dogs as I do for everyone else. It's not the dog's fault the owner is rude.

    Dog safety AND human safety are the most important things for us. Sometimes, the phone goes unanswered for a few extra seconds because someone needs to take a dog off of a table before going to answer it. Sometimes, a dog gets sent home half done because the groomer would rather deal with an annoyed owner and a ridiculous looking dog than risk cutting a squirming dog with clippers or shears (ESPECIALLY puppies, cutting a puppy is one of the worst things I can think of. We don't want them to think grooming is going to hurt for the rest of their lives!), sometimes I even send home nail trims because they are just too freaked out (I think they think I'm amputating their toes sometimes). But I can assure you that I have never seen someone send a dog home without trying everything that it is safe to try. And yes, sometimes I don't get around to writing a pawgress report for every dog because I get too busy doing baths, drying, nail trims, walk in nail trims, answering the phone, getting dogs ready for pickup, doing reminder calls, taking pictures of dogs when they're on the table, and making sure that each and every dog that is in OUR care is safe and sound. But I do always take the time to talk to the owner at pickup and let them know how Lucky did.

    If you've made it this far, good job. I feel like I've written a novel, but I also think that it's important for you to hear from the perspective of an actual employee instead of the smiling happy people in the video. It's not always the most glamorous job, I don't just get to play with dogs all day, but I take the responsibility of your dog extremely seriously. I want people to feel like they can trust me when they drop their dogs off to me. I never want there to be any doubt. If you have questions about the service, PLEASE ask. I hope I explained this relatively well. I'm not the best at explaining stuff, but I just want people to know that the bathers and groomers love dogs too. Nobody gets into dog grooming for the money; we get into it because we love dogs.

    Thanks for reading!

  6. did you guys know that one of your PetSmart's had let the dog and one of your cleaning Spa thing and when the people went to dry the dog they forgot about it and the dog died from a heat stroke. How many puppy mills do you guys go to get the puppies and let the adult dogs their die and have no social with people?

  7. Don’t use royalty free music it’s over used

  8. My puppy got its first grooming at petsmart Mississauga- bad experience. I was called to get him back coz it was nibbling!! I mean its the pup's 1st time grooming lady, u cud've been more patient or stern with it- i dnt have the experience u do. But dont tell me he's banned n i need to get him groomed sedated at his vet's!!

  9. Their groomers are so awesome. I took my pet friend (Ok my baby) to get a bath and groom I went to get him his beautiful fur was no longer beautiful. He was chopped uneven too!! Only pet smart for my Boss

  10. I always wonder if they were treated with care in the back rooms while on they stay

  11. Lol

  12. i have never received a pawgress report after my dog’s visit at the whittier petsmart. (tho all groomers i have encountered there have been very nice and caring). that would be helpful. thank you for this video as i always wondered how the baths were done, and where he was kept during his visit1

  13. Do groomers keep individual tips or are they shared with all groomers at the end of the day.

  14. 2:23 best part for those wondering


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