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Artemis 17 7 days Belgian Malinois Pup Teaching

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This is Artemis, Balzac’s daughter (Balzac x Ruby) She is 17 weeks in this video. Observe: This pup is donning a pinch collar exclusively to start to get utilised to donning it, we are NOT using it at all. All the handle is achieved by means of taking part in competing drives off each other at this issue, no aversives. If you commence correcting a puppy dog like this at a young age, she will callous also a lot when she will get more mature. My methods are intended to preserve hard dogs delicate, by using the utmost quantity of constructive motivation through the pups improvement. We are commencing her Object Guard, Out Guard and Protection of Handler as perfectly as operating the retrieve and some Circus abilities. The entire crew is carrying out a fantastic work on this a person: Carlos Ortega, Felix Sunga and yours really, Francis Metcalf. Tunes By: Kevin MacLeod


  1. Super, very nice I like your and dog work!

  2. very very nice work !!!

  3. I'm looking for a Belgin Shepard puppy my self, love the drive on this breed

  4. do you sell puppies or trained dogs


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