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My parents served me get a vehicle very last night time, which is totally astounding. Cam and I went to Petco these days to invest in a backseat cover for all the canine and when we came out, Someone BRKE INTO MY Motor vehicle. I couldn’t feel it, we have been out in broad daylight-I hadn’t even had the vehicle for a day. Fortunately I had my wallet, keys, and cellular phone on me, but they took my backpack which I beloved so that sucks…It really is great that I had almost almost nothing in it. They broke the passenger facet window and dented up the pillar and real door all-around where by the window was so now we have to get it mounted which I’m guaranteed just isn’t going to be low-priced :/ fucking folks. I just can not feel it, I’ve long gone to this Petco so several situations, and I’ve parked in the similar place just about every time with no issues. The police claimed that it comes about a ton though which sucks. I’ll have to park in entrance of the making from now on in its place of the facet. I usually park on the facet because it truly is closer to the door and it truly is so difficult for me to get from a vehicle to the entrance of whatsoever making I’m going to. Oh properly. Also apparently I also have Serious Exhaustion Syndrome now?? hahaha they have been contacting long-term fatigue but just after my very last Mayo appointment they wrote it up as CFS. I’m going for a snooze study following month if insurance allows me to examine for narcolepsy. Won’t be able to capture a break I guess.

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