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Thank you for seeing! This channel characteristics smaller moments of our larger life so before you comment just bear in mind we are human (well 50 % of us is at the very least) and we are making an attempt our ideal. Allows remain optimistic and constructive.

Welcome! I’m Jessica and with me (generally) is my Golden Retriever sidekick, Henry. Our films include all matters relevant to provider dogs, persistent illness and just life in general! Each and every week we are going to have two films, a person surrounding generally Henry and the other a additional in depth see into our life, struggles and ADVENTURES.

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  1. Yay your back

  2. Loved your video! We have two Goldens and everything you said about Henry was spot on with our boy. We didn’t neuter him till he was 4, so glad to hear other people talking about not neutering or waiting for the health benefits and that you can train thru it and they will be great! Even though mine are not service dogs we enjoy training and getting tips from people like you. Keep up the good work!

  3. If you breed him will you sell the puppys to people that want to train them to be service dogs?

  4. Love this video! You can really tell how great Henry is!!! Can’t wait to see more videos!

  5. Loved it! Great information. 💕


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