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Alaska Sled Canine in Denali Countrywide Park and My Final Day Feelings

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S2E99 I reluctantly depart Denali Countrywide Park immediately after a breakfast of my unique vegan protein muffins and a wander by way of the campground with a story of why I experienced to transfer. Additionally I end at the Sled Pet dog Kennel and visitor’s Centre

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  1. I love that you went to Alaska. I lived there for five years in my 30s… glad you got out before you had to experience Breakup… I think that you missed out by not going to Homer… but anyways, thanks for your lovely vids. You also got me wearing piggytails again… love your braids… very fun! Keep on keepin' on, Carolyn!

  2. That was just beautiful! The quality of your videos is great too. I especially liked your memory clip at towards the end.

  3. BTW many of your viewers and subscribers are in love with Capone. You stand to lose a lot of your followers if you continue in this way. I, for one can no longer watch your videos because of your going off and leaving Capone all day.

  4. Dear Caroline, you have become intoxicated by the wonderful sites and sounds of Alaska. But you have a dog. And you cannot leave him unattended for eight hours during the day. Our animals have to come first. His bladder will suffer from having to hold it in for eight hours, as yours would. PLEASE, PLEASE reconsider that practice. Dog lover.

  5. I hope you were able to go back to Denali. I'm so happy you shared a lot with us.

  6. I love ur videos and ur channel. It really makes me want to do this with my dog if I had the money. Alaska and Maine are both on my road trip bucket list. I heard Maine is beautiful in the fall. I live in houston where it’s summer most of the year as well as bipolar weather

  7. Have you ever thought about asking around your camping neighbors to see if anyone would be willing to dog sit for you? someone there might be willing to take care of Capone while you're gone for a few extra hours.

  8. Beautiful! Thank you!

  9. so next life is not going to happen, do it now!

  10. The last few days I have been hiking and camping in Kings Canyon national park and felt as though I was channelling you. The grins dang near split my face. Averaging 25k steps a day up & down trails (not the John Muir unfortunately) seeing a bear, deer, other wildlife, waterfalls, stunning views – made me think of you and the pure joy that you radiate sometimes. I thought of your videos many times over my visit and added a layer of enjoyment for me. This trip to Alaska is pretty magical and your happiness is obvious & beautiful.

  11. I love watching your videos but my husband is tired of my yelling “I wannna GO! I wanna go!"

  12. So beautiful

  13. Gorgeous place and beautiful looking dogs including Capone 🙂

  14. I was finding with oatmeal I wasn't satisfied, I now cook up quinoa and I will take a bowl of this, add hot milk (to heat it up) add a touch of sweetness (fruit or honey etc) and this seems to keep me full longer. Love your videos.

  15. Thank-you Carolyn, it has been , a few Years ,since I traveled that road with my Alaskan Friend, who was with National Geographic, We had done Kluane Sheep Mountain.. Now Serving, ,as part of the Canadian Medical Team in Mali, I, have so enjoyed when , I get a chance on Sattilite. to follow your adventures from Home !! Thank-you for being who You are & having the Moxy to be who you are & also to Share !! You bring back many things to me , The Roads we travelled when Home .. There never was any Difference between Yukoners & Alaskans, when we were young,, growing up in the North, Nor Us As Canadians & Americans ..We never knew the difference , we were always just the same !! I still feel the same way after all these years Serving with N.A.T.O. Take Care Dear Carolyn!! Travel Safe !!KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO !! ENJOY THE ROAD FOR ALL OF US !!

  16. The music playing as you were pulling out of Denali was beautiful! I would greatly appreciate it if you posted the name of songs that you play in your videos. Thanks and good videos

  17. Thanks for the amazing views! I've always wanted to visit Alaska!

  18. Make sure your dog does not get hold of those muffins. Xylitol is toxic for dogs. Trust me. It killed my brothers dog.

  19. Thanks so much for sharing your adventure with all of us. Such beauty! It makes me realize how much we have to loose if we allow our National Parks to be destroyed. Your videos also made me realize the real life limitations of wanting to do the whole park but having limited time. I can't believe how vast it is. It was gorgeous!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I hope you will be able to ignore the negative comments about leaving Capone. He is loved, healthy and doing great and so are you.

  20. In Carolyn's defense Tribal Nomad… So people that live in apartments should not have dogs because they go to work at least 8 – 10 hours a day??? That will never happen, I believe you are being a little over sensitive. PS if you follow Carolyn, you would know that she hardly ever leaves Capone for that long of a time… this was a rare occasion. She is a very good Capone mom!!!

  21. Carolyn your comment about dogs being able to handle 8 hours without going to the bath room is just WRONG AND CRUEL! When we and they sleep at night we are not consuming food and water and do not need to go to the bathroom. During the day animals HAVE to go to the bath room just like we do and it is beyond comprehension you would say on video, "Capone can hold it, can't you buddy?" What kind of dog owner puts their happiness over their animals well being? It is just cruel!

    Why don't you eat YOUR breakfast and drink YOUR coffee and try to hold your urine and stool for 8 grueling hours and you might get a taste of what your animal is being put through. You couldn't and you wouldn't do that to yourself and you should not do it to your dog either just because he can't tell you to please don't make me have to hold it that long.

    Not to mention as animals get older it is even harder on their bladder and internal organs. Animals do not want to disappoint their owners and go to the bathroom in their own home, so no, he will not go to the bath room in the rv and he may can hold it, but you should be ashamed for making him have to. You can cut your fun time down to accommodate your dogs health and still have an adventure, it just won't be at your dogs expense. All animals deserve better so if you wouldn't make yourself go 8 hours without going to the bathroom don't do it to your "buddy".

  22. Not having a plan means not having any disappoints when things don't go according to plans!

  23. I don't think two RV's could make it on that road if one was going & one was leaving, looks awful narrow! Thank you so much for taking me along, it is very much appreciated seeing all the sights & breath taking snow capped Mountains! Safe travels for you & Capone, yes he is the best traveling companion!

  24. It's 1130am and I'm just having my breakfast, been up since 7 and got to have my coffee. Pumpkin muffins sound good, especially for autumn coming up, I know that you know this but want to say it anyway as some commenters will be making your pumpkin muffins, *DO NOT GIVE DOGS/CATS ANYTHING WITH "xylito" IN IT AS IT WILL KILL YOUR PET.

  25. Hey Carolyn just found your channel and saw some of your videos from the first to your latest. Pretty neat. I subscribed.

  26. Thank you for the ride!😄

  27. Canines and early humans actually evolved symbiotically, If we did not have each other we would not be the humans we are today. Dogs we've taken to extremes, but the working capable breeds do still exist, and make horrid pets. Gotta work. Ask my Eoghan, from a long line of working dogs. Kind and empathetic of you to leave the huskies alone when they asked.

  28. Hey there Carolyn good video I like it but yeah people should be more quieter and have more respect at the campground

  29. Carolyn, if it's any consolation, you are not invited to meet me or camp with me anywhere, anytime soon. Have a great day and thanks for your vid. Make NO plans. Peace out.

  30. Such great views…your videos are so fun to watch…like escaping the city for that 15 or 20 minutes…safe travels!

  31. Loved by 78K… we get it,,, I hope you get it, Thanx for all you do!

  32. What fun, beautiful, and my wanna be home again..I can see why you wouldn't want to leave..and yes Capone is a darn good RV dog😂🤗💓

  33. I'm glad to see you so happy and I felt sad when pulling out of your campsite, just as if I were along with you … crazy, huh? You enjoyed Denali sooo much and thank you for sharing the experience with us all. Going to try your muffins but not real good at wingin' it when baking, we'll see! Happy and safe trails until next time. Hi Capone! ♥

  34. Beautiful, peaceful video. Thank you. Vermont J

  35. Hard to leave beauty huh!

  36. great video. Enjoyed

  37. Hi Luv, sorry I’ve been non compos mentis. Good to see your face…missed you. Update, bought 4 acres in Whetstone, AZ and a fifth wheel I’m renovating as my base camp. Will be back in Quartzsite this season in trusty RV, which of course I’m keeping. Hope to meet up again.

  38. Absolutely love the music. Went straight to iTunes to purchase 😘 Nice choice sweet girl.

  39. Awesome video. Capone is such a Beautiful Dog.


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