Puppy Training

Acclimating puppies to a portable kennel

Turn your dog into an Obedient, Loyal Pet In Just 5 Days

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Abide by alongside as I work on acclimating puppies to a portable kennel…Here is a connection to my website if you would like extra data about my expert services: Here is a connection to my Instagram if you would just like to see some interesting pics:


  1. Great video!

  2. These videos are very helpful for me as I intend to get a malinois in the fall and want to be ready to raise them properly.

  3. nice

  4. Am loving all your videos Stonnie we are in Perth Western Australia and are welcoming a labradoodle pup to our family tomorrow – keep the clips coming I find you have an extremely sensible approach and even though we have no goats in our back yard I feel we can follow your leads!!

  5. Stonnie thanks for the videos. I'm getting a lab puppy tomorrow and will send some video of the training. Let me know when I mess up.


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