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8 Month Aged Pup Instruction: Obedience Class Can Be Enjoyment!

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Even nevertheless my concentration for education is agility I like to go away “critical” agility right up until my puppies are nearer to a calendar year old. This video is of my8 thirty day period old puppy dog “Momentum” performing in class. I adore to teach my puppies in obedience as they develop up. Placing my puppies in a regional obedience class works for me for several causes:
1.It is a good spot to aid “generalize” behaviours.
2. You have to hold your eyes open, but you can time your “play” and rewards to make guaranteed other canine approaching = a superior point from you to your puppy dog.
three. It is a excellent night out with my canine every week!
Thanks to the trainers and customers of HDOC for letting me to be a portion of their lessons.


  1. Oh my gosh, I would be so nervous to have Susan in a class with me!

  2. I love how focused she is on you, even when the other dogs are jumping all over her, so AMAZING!

  3. Way to go Susan! I love that obedience can actually be fun :))))))

  4. yup! thought you'd be "that" owner where your dog is an absolute superstar!!!

  5. Awesome! More obedience Susan!!!

  6. The other puppies think she is "All That"


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