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So proud of Nellie 🙂 She did so well, so much more than I honestly expected her to have done. She stayed focused, and stayed with me the entire time, despite the fact there were many people watching, some younger kids climbing on the fence to get a closer view, and aggressive dogs barking just barely outside the fence line, where the entrance was. We were required to have a leash on our dogs the entire time. I never use a leash in training, and am honestly against it. So, I really didn’t hold it except for a few times so she wouldn’t trip or it wouldn’t get caught. She had the fastest time, no faults, and a purple ribbon as an added bonus to her perfect performance and wonderful behavior outside the ring.

Also, she was not trained at 4-H. She was trained at home, but we still went to their classes to practice away from home.

She’s such a good girly… love this little beastie doggie.

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